The Style Edition

We’re so excited to announce that Jackie Neville, Aviatra graduate and founder of Your Stylist LLC, now has her own radio show! We sat down with the award-winning personal stylist to find out more about her new show, The Style Edition.

What exactly is Your Stylist LLC?
JN: I help women transform their lives through their wardrobes. Your Stylist is a full-service styling company where I offer style consultations and assessments, closet audits, personal shopping & wardrobe consulting. In group settings, I offer style seminars and I also do a lot of women’s events and public speaking. On the philanthropy side, I partner with Dress for Success and donate clothes from my clients’ closet audits to help disadvantaged women—a cause very close to my heart for very personal reasons I have shared publicly.

How did The Style Edition come about?
JN: I was recently a guest on another show on 55KRC in the iHeartRadio studios. The producer was very interested in my line of work and everything I talked about on the show. After we chatted for a little bit, he asked me if I would ever consider having my own show. I thought he was kidding, but he wasn’t! He said the topic was fascinating and thought that a radio show would give me the opportunity to share my expertise and knowledge on a large platform. Before I knew it, I was in a meeting with the Program Director at iHeart, got the green light and then the hard part came – I had to get my own sponsors! But I did it and now I’m here with my own show that just premiered on March 24th on iHeartRadio!

What is your inspiration for The Style Edition?
JN: The radio show is an extension of what I do as a stylist and Your Stylist LLC. There are a lot of psychological aspects in what I do as a stylist, and my work has even been nicknamed as “style therapy.” I am always learning about women’s life changes and they choose me to help with their transformation process. I hear their stories and so many of them have career moves all the way from a new title to retirement, or marital status change, or they took a turn in their health, or the aging process has prompted them to make a change, or there’s a weight change, maybe some just recently had children while others have grandkids, others are simply realizing their style has evolved.

The Style Edition is based around the topic of style but it goes deeper than that. I talk about self development and improvement, struggles with confidence, and feeling good on the inside first so the outside accurately reflects that. I make sure that listeners know I work from the inside out.

What can we look forward to on your show?
JN: My show is for those who are seeking style advice and want to hear more on topics surrounding self image, related to clothing or not. I’ll talk about how to become the best version of yourself through your wardrobe and beyond. I’ll also discuss the common challenges, mistakes and solutions.
I’ll include real stories of transformations from my own clients so listeners can relate and know that stylists are NOT just for celebrities! I work with real women who have careers, responsibilities, families and just super busy lives.

Guests will include local business owners and sponsors in the field of improving the lives of others. I’ll feature health coaches, wellness centers, career coaches, public speakers, even dermatology and cosmetic clinics, spa/salon owners and other organizations beyond these that empower others—specifically women!

Where can listeners tune in?
JN: The Style Edition airs every Sunday morning at 8:00 AM locally on 55KRC Cincinnati & nationally on iHeartRadio app/website!

Listen to Jackie’s episodes from March 31st and April 7th! And be sure to tune in on April 28th for an episode featuring Aviatra Accelerators CEO, Nancy Aichholz!