Questions to Ask to Prepare to Re-launch

In my last blog, I assigned some homework. For those who are just tuning in and for others who need a re-cap, I recommended you find clarity to sustain during this unprecedented time. The assignment was to ask yourself some probing questions–starting with WHY? 

Part two of the exercise was to find space to journal or whiteboard to list some ideas, reach out and find a mentor (Aviatra is offering free mentorship during this time), and to connect with your team members. Giving yourself permission to scream and cry was optional, but therapeutic, nonetheless. Most importantly, you were to make up your mind that you were going to do your part to prepare to move forward no matter what! 

Now, time to learn how to SHIFT and PIVOT and be ready to RE-LAUNCH!

We started with WHY?

  • Your why should be strong! In fact, stronger than when you first began.
  • While working to maintain your business, you should have discovered a newfound resilience.
  • The reasons you want to continue in business should mirror why you started.

You cannot forget about the WHO?

I believe you learned somethings about your customer that you did not know. 

  • Things like your customer’s resilience, their loyalty, and that you missed them.
  • You found a new desire to value them and learn how to better meet their needs.
  • You had to shift how you engaged and supplied your product or service. 


Plan ways to appreciate your customers for your re-launch. Offer discounts and sales, bundle packages, and/or appreciation events to re-engage with them. If you have not already found a way to create an online presence and purchase options. 

WHAT did you learn about the current market?

If you were able to expand, kudos to you! If not, you were able to sustain, kudos to you too!

· Did you find that your business still met the need in the market space?

· Now seek out ways to expand your catalog. If not, now is the time!

· Understand what is needed in these current times.


Research the market and find products and services that are in demand now and are relevant both to the current market and your customers. Reintroduce yourself in the market by planning to attend trade and networking events. 

WHERE? Did your customers have access to you?

Is your company now positioned on the market in all places? 

  • If you were solely brick and mortar. It’s no longer either-or, it’s both and.
  • Continue to offer purchase opportunities for your customer in both places


Even if your product or service was primarily provided in person, you must offer something online. For example, a small restaurant, establish a To-Go menu and continue to offer it. Another example is a hairstylist or barber, offer recommended grooming products online.

HOW? Did you discover that how you were doing business was problematic? 

  • Meet your customers where they are. 
  • Use multiple ways to communicate billboards, snail mail, by phone, email, text, digitally– online and on social media, with various platforms. 
  • How your customer responds indicate how they prefer to be reached. 
  • Ask your customer for feedback. 
  • Reassess how you did business. This can be both technical and personal. 
  • Examine your core values
  • Determine if your current 
  • Is your team intact? If so, show them your appreciation. If not, win them back!
  • Ask your team for feedback.


Invest in good public relations or marketing personnel or a contractor to promote how you have sustained and about your plans moving forward. This should include free and bought press, traditional and digital marketing strategies, and social media. 

Again, Aviatra is offering free virtual support and one on one mentoring during this time. Contact me, and we can match you and your business with the appropriate mentor support.

Supporting Women on the Rise,

Pamela Cone

Market Director

Aviatra Accelerators Dayton