June Aviatra of the Month: Emily Frank, Share Cheesebar & C’est Cheese

After moving back to her hometown after 17 years away, Emily Frank wanted to be part of a changing and growing Cincinnati and carve out her own path as an entrepreneur. That’s when she started C’est Cheese Food Truck, an award-winning grilled cheese truck.

While Emily was building her business, her mom came across an article about Aviatra Accelerators (then BGV), and both her family and mentor encouraged her to apply for one of our programs. In 2011, Emily was accepted into our 5th cohort and gained unmatched knowledge and support that helped her launch C’est Cheese Food Truck.

But, Emily’s cheese-related ventures didn’t stop there. After having her food truck for several years, she was ready to expand and take her love of cheese to the next level. In 2017, Emily founded Share Cheesebar, a Pleasant Ridge cheese shop specializing in artisanal cheese & charcuterie, wine, and other fabulous goodies. Whether you’re an educated cheese lover or don’t know a thing other than you love it, Share Cheesebar is a welcoming spot for all.

From the classes and marketing opportunities to the mentors and networking events, Emily took full advantage of everything Aviatra had to offer. Her experience with Aviatra opened many doors that helped her build two thriving businesses, create countless jobs, and bring Cincinnati cheese lovers together.

Share Cheesebar is generously offering 10% off all retail sales during June. Make sure to stop by, grab a treat, and mention the Aviatra discount! 

“Aviatra Accelerators (BGV) was such a big part of my early success with C’est Cheese Food Truck. From the other students and the networking to the press and my SCORE advisor (who I still work with nine years later!)—all of it was instrumental in setting me on the right path to success and reminding me that I always have a network of fabulous women supporting me.”

-Emily Frank, Share Cheesebar & C’est Cheese

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