HER MILLION DOLLAR MY$TERY: EPISODE 020 – Kimberly Spencer, Crown Yourself

How does one find herself in Australia on a three-week vacation that turns into a permanent move thanks to a global pandemic? And, then, thriving in that new environment? After talking with Kimberly Spencer, founder of Crown Yourself, it is easy to believe that she would thrive in the chaos and share her amazing gifts with entrepreneurs all over the world from her beach-front home in Australia.

Talking with Kimberly was a breath of energetic fresh air! She shared that in coaching her clients, budding and growing entrepreneurs, male and female, all over the world, she finds so many of them being “selfish.” Meaning, they have amazing gifts and solutions to problems to share, but they are selfish in their small thinking. Her perspective is to share and share big. Go big or go home, because the world (or your target market) deserves to have what you are offering. In Kimberly’s world, she seems blame as an insidious game that gets in the way of success and is in itself, selfish! I was energized by Kimberly’s “get over yourself, get out of your own way, and share your gifts with the world” mentality. And, oh, by the way, while you are doing that, make a bunch of money!

Jump on this week’s #HerMillionDollarMy$tery with Kimberly and I and be inspired to reach new and greater heights!

Listen to the podcast here.