You have to love hearing the story that belongs to a woman who would choose Eleanor Roosevelt as her famous woman to meet for dinner! Molly Berrens uses her “smart video” business to “show the world that you exist.” I think Eleanor would have loved this concept.

Having worked directly with Molly Berrens and Spotted Yeti on a video production project unique to Aviatra, I know firsthand her passion for telling stories in video with the end-user in mind. Thinking backward from results to tactics has put Spotted Yeti front and center in the video storytelling industry in the Cincinnati/Northern KY region.

Join us on the podcast where we learn where the creative name originated, her ingredients for success, and how she overcame the inevitable obstacles small business owners encounter. She shares how relationship building has driven her success, as well as her commitment to investing in others.

In the meantime, check out Spottedyeti.com and view some of her artistically created storytelling videos that “show the world that you exist” in living color! You will love the easy way Molly has about her – you can see how her clients are put at ease while they share their stories to be told in video form. Be inspired by Molly Berrens and Spotted Yeti’s journey.

Listen to the podcast here!