HER MILLION DOLLAR MY$TERY: EPISODE 017 – Barbara (Stanny) Huson (PART II), The Leading Authority on Women, Wealth & Power

In the blog post for part one of Barbara’s podcast, I promised that in part two, we would take a very deep dive into her book, Rewire For Wealth, which is coming out in January 2021.

In this episode of Her Million Dollar My$tery, Barbara opens the cover of the book and lets us in on the rich content we will find when we read the book. She is super passionate about this topic and knows from experience how well it works. She describes the three main phases of rewiring your own brain to break bad money and success habits. Recognize, Reframe, Respond Differently – it sounds so simple, but when we all have years, maybe decades, of bad habits formed probably in our childhood, there is nothing simple about it. Barbara proves, though, that with focus on this three step process we CAN actually rewire our own brains. I call it “getting out of your own way,” Barbara calls it rewiring, which means changing for good the perceptions, habits, and thoughts that hold women back surrounding money and success.

Listen in with me as Barbara generously shares her approach in Rewire For Wealth, then pre-order her book on Amazon. It will be a great winter read!

Then, go Rewire (your brain) For Wealth!

Listen to the podcast here!