HER MILLION DOLLAR MY$TERY: EPISODE 016 – Barbara (Stanny) Huson, The Leading Authority on Women, Wealth & Power

I could write this blog post all day and still not totally unpack all the rich content Barbara and I discuss on this two-part episode of Her Million Dollar My$tery!

Barbara walks us through her multi-step processes of truly understanding the barriers women face when it comes to money. As the author of several books – Prince Charming Isn’t Coming, Secrets of Six-Figure Women, Overcoming Underearning, Finding A Financial Advisor You Can Trust, Breaking Through, Sacred Success, and her soon to be released 7th book, Rewire For Wealth, Barbara digs deep into the issues that women have around money, wealth and power.

In part one of my chat with Barbara, we talk about money issues equaling power issues. We tend to have a silent critic that says “Powerful women are burned at the stake,” so why wouldn’t we shy away from money when it equals power?

Barbara takes us through the four phases of digging deep into our money issues: Outer Work, Inner Work, Higher Work, Deeper Work. All fascinating and will strike a nerve at some point in all of us. When I asked her about the traits of women who have broken the barriers, she notes that they all have confidence but they also all have FEAR! Wow – we thought fear was bad and you have to be fearless! Barbara blows this myth out of the water and talks about walking right into your fear. Self doubt never stops the successful woman.

In part two, Barbara gives us a deep dive into her new book and talks extensively about reprogramming our brains for financial success.

You won’t want to miss these two episodes, and if you are like me, you will listen over and over again and take notes on this one – and then go grab her books. She is a delight to talk to and listen to, so I know you will enjoy joining us (here).

Then, go Rewire (your brain) For Wealth!

Listen to the podcast here!