On this podcast, we have been digging into the possible reasons that we just aren’t seeing the revenue results in women-owned businesses like we are for male-founded entities. Much of what we are learning is that Venture Capital is just not being invested into businesses founded by women and/or minorities. In fact, for women, it is only 3%!

Alisha Griffey, Founder, Daintree Capital, says “enough of this!” Let’s stop beating our heads against a glass ceiling and walls that might not even be the right room we are trying to enter! Bring on Daintree Capital and reinvent the industry of capital for women owned businesses. Leave it to a bright young woman to figure this out. Many women owned businesses need a capital infusion, but not the traditional VC funds that create a loss of control and/or revenue over time. Alisha has reinvented “debt funding” by offering non-collateralized loans to women owned businesses with a solid track record and at least $100,000 in revenue.

I love how Alisha Griffey calls the VC world the “Death Valley of Funding” for women. I couldn’t agree more. VC is sometimes exactly the answer, and I don’t discourage the right type of business at the right time to seek out Angel and VC funding, but many businesses founded by women just don’t fit the mold. And that is just fine but we need more options like Daintree Capital to provide fertile money ground for women and minorities in ALL industries. Listen in to this episode to hear how Alisha developed this concept and attacks the “3% issue” head on!

Listen to the podcast here.