Her Million Dollar My$tery: Episode 009 – Allison Chaney, Bootcamp Digital & Bare Knuckle Marketing

Allison Chaney all but invented “SEO.” She was perfecting SEO for businesses before SEO was even a “thing!”  She spent 12 years doing marketing, digital, and SEO for a company she worked for when she decided to go out on her own and freelance. As a single mom, this was a huge leap of faith, but she took her own advice and ‘Stood Up, Stood Out, and Stood her Ground.” That moxie paid off as she left to do her own thing. Social media was emerging, and she knew how to create fully-integrated strategies long before businesses knew how to use social media to market their brand and sell their products.

Talking to Allison, on the podcast or in everyday life, is a full-energy experience! Positivity and “I can do this” emanates from her every pore! This energy drove her to build her business, with the help of Aviatra (when we were Bad Girl Ventures), take the advice of trusted mentors, and eventually exit her Bare Knuckle Marketing business for a tidy sum and freedom do what she really loves.

Listen in on how this “Bad Girl” created an industry around her skill set and teaches others to do the same!

Listen to the podcast here.