Her Million Dollar My$tery: Episode 007 – Christy Pretzinger, WriterGirl

One of the best rewards of interviewing women for the Her Million Dollar My$tery podcast is that every single woman and every single business is perfectly unique! This was really evident when talking to Christy Pretzinger, owner of www.WriterGirl.com. When she bought this business from its founder, she actually really only bought the name! But Christy soon became the actual “writer girl” as she landed a huge contract with The Ohio State University and literally created a new category of business writing services by bringing groups of writers to a business writing project.

Christy has rocked the “Million Dollar My$tery” right out of the park with current annual revenues well over $4M, and she cracked the $1M ceiling all the way back in 2009 – without any capital whatsoever! Well, that’s not exactly true – she focused on human capital, and that was the investment she needed. Human capital and top-notch quality, as well as focusing on the soft skills needed to build and maintain client relationships.

Christy attributes her rapid and growing success to several basic concepts:

We are smarter together (great team building, which has assured that no one she has ever hired has actually ever left!!) Don’t compete with your salespeople, play the long game, and follow the Golden Rule. She says getting out of her own way was a game-changer.

You will be super motivated after listening to Christy Pretzinger on Her Million Dollar My$tery Episode #007!

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