Her Million Dollar My$tery: Episode 006 – Mavis Linneman-Clark, The Delish Dish, Made by Mavis & Kickstart Kitchen

Journalist Food Blogger turned Culinary Queen! This queen took her hometown by storm and became the “caterer to the stars” in the Cincinnati/Northern KY region in a fast few years.

In business now 8 years, Mavis Linneman-Clark began with a love of parties – hosting parties and serving creative delicious meals to friends. She continued to work full-time on her blogging and other journalism work while she went to culinary school in Chicago, moved back here, and got her catering business off the ground. She is on track to break the million dollar barrier, and would have hit that mark in 2020 had COVID-19 not jumped in her way.

Even in challenging times, Mavis kept her eye on the prize. It was a CHOICE to scale her business, and was the goal all along. Constant pivoting along the way as the business climate changed or as opportunities presented themselves. Leaning on the advice of good mentors, knowing where your talents are best used…these are some of her many “ingredients” for success.

Join us on Episode #006 of Her Million Dollar Mystery to learn more about the Amazing Ms. Mavis of The Delish Dish, Made by Mavis, & Kickstart Kitchen! Oh, and spoiler alert – her famous woman entrepreneur that she would have dinner with built an empire LONG before social media!

Listen to the podcast here!