Her Million Dollar My$tery: Episode 005 – Heather Doeberling, Boca Loca & Boss ChickNBeer

Whenever I talk to Heather Doeberling, I feel like I have just stepped into a Disney movie and am chatting with a new woman superhero! Heather has more energy in her little finger than most people possess in their whole body! But besides the energy, what is most striking about Heather is how incredibly generous she is with her time and talents. She has a genuine interest in seeing others succeed and taking care of her employees like family. And it pays off! She has loyal, dedicated employees who feel a sense of ownership at Boca Loca and Boss ChickNBeer – which then translates to very happy customers who are regular, repeat visitors.

What started as great food, out of a passion for creating and sharing culinary creations, became a food truck because that was the smartest, most cost effective channel of distribution. Necessity is the mother of invention, and this single mom had little cash to start with, so a food truck served as the kitchen and the restaurant. An awesome product and a creative method to reach her community to sample her amazingly tasty fresh burritos and bowls was a winning combo as she recouped her investment in the truck in just 3 months!

“I can make anything happen” is a mantra of Heather’s. “If you do it, do it full force.” Those are her sage words of wisdom to others as well as know your runway of cash and don’t let debt get ahead of you.

I can’t wait for you to join me on Episode 005 of Her Million Dollar Mystery – the podcast where we dig into what holds women back from breaking the million or multi-million dollar revenue barrier, and more importantly what propels women forward? Heather Doeberling is definitely on the propel forward path!

Listen to the podcast here!