April Aviatra of the Month: Allison Chaney, Bare Knuckle Digital

After spending 12 years working in digital marketing at a local Cincinnati SEO agency, Allison Chaney felt like she was hitting her head on the ceiling and had nowhere else to go. She knew she wanted to do more, but couldn’t at her current job, so she decided to go out on her own and freelance. That’s when she founded Bare Knuckle Digital, a full-service digital marketing agency offering website design, social media marketing, strategy, and SEO services. As a single mom, this was a huge leap of faith, and what she thought would be something small turned into something way bigger.

Allison knew almost everything about marketing, but not much about building a business. Fortunately, Aviatra Accelerators solved that problem. Through the Aviatra program, Allison learned how to successfully start and run a company, found seed money, and made invaluable connections that helped her create a significant part of her business.

In 2014, Bare Knuckle Digital was acquired by Red 212, a Procter and Gamble spin-off agency. However, Allison’s entrepreneurship journey didn’t stop there. She recently started her second company, Breakthrough Accelerator, an accelerator for impact-minded businesses. Both of these impressive accomplishments were possible thanks to the advice, education, and connections she received through Aviatra. Her experience with Aviatra gave her the confidence and knowledge she needed to build two businesses, increase her chances of success, and, most importantly, help even more companies accelerate and grow.

“Aviatra Accelerators (BGV) is the starting point of my success today. I discovered this incredible organization when I wanted to start my first business. The support, mentorship, and amazing networking opportunities I have received throughout the years have been priceless!”

 – Allison Chaney, Bare Knuckle Digital

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