We’re so excited to announce our 2021 LAUNCH cohort!

1. Abby Farr, Tillage Clothing Co.

Comfortable, stylish, and ethically made clothing that gives back to fight human trafficking.

“3 years out I’d like Tillage to be known as the leading brand in the US that gives back to fight human trafficking because consumers deserve the opportunity to shop ethically with ease. We will be known for the most satisfying work environment. My first book will be in the works, and a podcast established that raises awareness about the cycle of fast fashion and trafficking and interviews collaborators and those on mission with our brand, creating opportunities to promote their brands and ideals. We not only carry our own line but other brands that help female entrepreneurs across the globe. Currently, my sales are through
pop-up shops and markets; whole sale accounts; and direct sells from returning customers; as well as marketing from bloggers with large followings.”

2. Andrea Minnillo, The Girl Republic

The Girl Republic sells apparel and accessories for GIRLS who are passionate about breaking gender barriers.

“The Girl Republic was conceived during clothes shopping trips for my children. I was often frustrated and confused by the difference in girls and boys clothing subjects. Girls were supposed to be princesses with gowns and tutus,while boys clothing depicted action or accomplishment. Boys items represented passions, while girls items reinforced the objectivity that women and girls have been fighting hard to shed. The Girl Republic was founded to participate in and embrace blurring societal lines and gender barriers.”

. Dominique Khoury, Looqma

Welcome to Looqma, a pop-up kitchen, artisanal bakery,caterer and integrative wellness consultant inspired by my Lebanese heritage, childhood in Southern California, and passion for taste and health. Looqma is a celebration of the women in my life, the many lessons they have taught me, and their boundless sense of love, care and determination.

“In Classical Arabic Looqma, pronounced LOOK-ma,describes a bite, a morsel, or a taste. It is an intimate expression used when sharing food with your loved ones.Growing up around the table, family and friends would gather to eat and share, often reaching across one another with tangy bites of silky hummus or fresh morsels of pillowy bread. It is this warm and inviting sense of community that I wish to share with you. Looqma is a thoughtful bite, full of flavor, good quality ingredients and a lot of love.”

. Sofia Mimendi & Emily Bruns, Aclipse Campervans

“Aclipse provides a unique, all inclusive solution, to people who want to adventure in nature, without having to spend a fortune on camping gear,while having a higher level of comfort and amenities that traditional camping does not provide. Aclipse provides a unique travel experience for people to deepen their connection with nature, themselves, and others. Our unique value proposition is to facilitate a fun and unique camping experience by providing stylish and fully equipped campervan rentals.”

5. Jennifer Panepinto & Samantha Comer, Painted Bread Marketing LLC

“Painted Bread Marketing uses business basics to help companies figure out what their true value proposition in the market is. NO business is a commodity! Every company has at least one thing that differentiates them from competitors. We help them figure out what that is. Then, we act as their ongoing partner for marketing needs with everything from website updates and maintenance,social media and email campaigns, PR and more.”