Fireside Chat with Robin Gentry McGee: Founder, Functional Formularies

Robin Gentry McGee’s journey with Functional Formularies began in 2005 when her father suffered a traumatic brain injury. A former chef versed in eating whole foods and using food as medicine, she was appalled to discover that the formula in father’s feeding tube was almost all sugar, which made the secondary symptoms of his coma worse. She set out to find a healthier formula for his feeding tube — and when she discovered there was nothing on the market, she invented her own. In 2018, Robin sold the company for an undisclosed sum.
In this fireside chat with Pam Cone, Market Director of the newly launched Aviatra Accelerators — Dayton, Robin will talk about taking on the role of medtech CEO, her advice for other female founders breaking into new spaces, and discuss what she wished she’d known before jumping into her entrepreneur journey.