After a number of weeks of talking to women with a variety of different entrepreneurial experiences, and with women who want to fund other women’s ventures, we are beginning to see some clues to solving this mystery. Why in the world do women own 49% of the businesses in the United States, but we represent 10% or less of the annual earned revenue? Crazy, right? It can’t be in 2020 that this is accurate. But it is!

There are certainly systemic issues. There are issues that arise from just the types of businesses that women “usually” start (more consumer focused, smaller, consulting businesses, etc). And, there are some attitudes we could work on changing in ourselves.

Spending time on these past episodes, it is clear that women who do knock it out of the park and blow through that million dollar “barrier” don’t see it as a barrier. They see it, at worst, as a hurdle, but more likely a goal to be achieved and surpassed.

Common denominators among these Million Dollar Women are: Know your personal “why”; Focus, Focus Focus; Know that you don’t know it all – surround yourself with people smarter than you; Positivity; Use trusted mentors; Grit, determination, smarts, fearlessness, shoot for the stars, give back; And my personal favorite – root for other women.

All these traits and attitudes show up in spades among these successful women. We can all learn from them.

Keep listening to upcoming episodes when we will talk to a national author and expert on women and money, and the attitudes around it. We will start to dig a little deeper into these traits that we know we all need to embody to be our most successful selves.

Listen here for more detail on all of these success attributes!