Our impressive guest on this week’s episode, Elizabeth Edwards of H Ventures, saw a “Cultural Moment” and decided to define that moment on her own terms! Drawing on prior professional experiences, Edwards notice not only a lack of Venture Capital invested in women founded businesses, but also a lack of VC funds going towards consumer brands. And who is making 85% of the nation’s consumer decisions? WOMEN!

H Ventures brings resources to the table for female founders AND female investors. Getting the right people on the team and the right people in the room together has been a winning combo. Elizabeth’s background in Strategy with Deloitte, and brand management at Johnson & Johnson, set her up to be the perfect person to focus on a sector of the VC world that has been largely overlooked.

Her words of wisdom to female founders include knowing what you want, showing up, and being the expert in your domain and a specialist in the stage of your consumer facing brand. H Ventures puts their potential investees through a highly rigorous process – only 15 or 30,000 or more are selected for investment.

Listen in and hear what makes a female founded, consumer facing brand likely to be one of the select 15! Another clue to solving “Her Million Dollar My$tery!”

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